unnamedThis is a 4×4 only road. Please use trucks and large SUVs.  When we leave Imnaha there is 25 miles of road that takes 2 1/2 to get to Dug Bar.  Trailers cannot make turns on the last 13 miles. There is 3-4 and 5 inch rock on the road and the ruts are unbelievable.  In late summer the grass and wild clover grow in the center of the road and it  is very hard to see the clearance you need  plus the large boulders.  More info below map.


The problem for the rafter is when he comes out fully loaded and your clearance is diminished.  Low range is required and tires for the” long pull out” on the first 13 miles should be very new.  A good spare is  a must. We usually have no problems getting your vehicle in and we all love the drive.

The take out has a great ramp, and Forest Service outhouses are available.  We always see big horn sheep, elk, deer, and all feathered critters.  Rattlesnakes, rubber boas, bull snakes, and the flowering cactus are a sight to see. We used to go to Dug Bar in the 80’s and 90’s all the time.  But washouts, and no road improvements after heavy rains have left the road in  dire straights.

The adventurer will love this trip.  If you are not in a hurry on the way out, your tires will not get “chewed up” by the road.  Use caution, watch for other vehicles coming in, and stay to the center of the road. In the town of Imnaha there is a tavern on the left as you come into town.  There are two wooden Indians on the front porch.  And believe me. this place is unusual.

The owners name is Dave and he is usually there with his wife.  Then you will come into the beautiful valley of Joseph and Enterprise.  Joseph is great.  Museums, brass foundries, a really good deli in the grocery store, and many good restaurants.  Mad Mary’s is a must for homemade soups and sandwiches. Hope we helped you out and if you choose to go to Dug Bar, you won’t ever forget the view.       

Hells Canyon near Dug Bar Oregon