Copperfield Park

Hells Canyon Park: Located 9 miles from Scotty’s on your way to the launch.  It has showers, restroom facilities, fire pits, and picnic tables.  You can park your cars with trailers near your camping area.  A great swimming hole in the day use area.  It also requires $10.00 to stay there.  This area is secluded in some areas.  Many shade trees.  Camp host is great at helping you out.  You don’t have a noise conflict there, dogs, on leashes, great place for large groups with children and ladies. THE LAST PLACE FOR POTABLE

Permit info:


Big Bar: Big Bar is located 17 miles from Scotty’s, 15 from Oxbow. It has a great view and a day hike trail to the Red Fish Caves. There are levels for you to park in, many shade trees.  No fire pits, running water, just pit toilets Forest Service style.  There is no fee imposed on using this location.  Boat docks for an evening swim. The only drawback is the poison ivy/oak.  If you have dogs, I would suggest leashes, as they could spread it to everyone. There is also a cement slab there. Bears are numerous is the summer/fall, as there are fruit trees and walnut trees. Great place to fish. Good for large groups and late arrivals.

Hells Canyon Launch: There are two areas for you to get ready for your trip. The slide area and the jet boat/raft area. Both have adequate space to rig, but the slide area is the best when water levels are high. There is a picnic table, but the jet boat service loads their clients on a special boat dock, so everyone needs to be considerate. We suggest you rig up, park your cars, and then go to the ranger station for your permit and video. This can help streamline your trip so rigging gets done in a timely manner.  Please back in all trucks with trailers.  We’ve had one rock come down and take out the windshield, The guy was on his honeymoon, so we picked him up and put him in a model room for the night.

Dump Stations

  • Dump all wastewater and gray water in designated dump stations. Place all trash in trash cans, not in fire pits.

Campfires and Fireworks

  • All fires are to be confined to the grills or fire rings.
    Fireworks, or the discharge of a firearm or device that propels a projectile, is prohibited within or near any park.

Motorized Vehicles

  • All motorized vehicles must stay on established roads or in parking areas, and operators must possess a valid operator’s license.

Park Information

  • The parks are open year-round, with limited amenities and reduced rates available during the off-season. During a normal year, the official park season runs from March 1 through Oct. 31.

Check Out Time

  • Check out time is 2 p.m. Mountain Standard Time (MST).


  • All overnight camping, with or without hookups, is subject to the posted fees. Fees are due within two (2) hours of your arrival.

Stay Limit

  • Between April 1 and Oct. 31 each year, the maximum stay is 14 days during any 20 consecutive days. Once the 14-day limit is reached, guests must vacate the park for at least five days. Guests may visit or stay at other Hells Canyon parks during the five day restriction. After five days, guests may return to the same park if space is available. Exemption to the 14/20-day rule may be granted by the park caretaker to support the operational needs of Idaho Power.


  • Pets are welcome in our parks. We ask that they are attended, restrained and kept on a six-foot leash.

Noise Curfew

  • All parks have a noise curfew from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. MT. All guests are required to observe this curfew.

Saving Sites

  • All campsites are on a first-come, first-occupy basis. Please respect this policy; you may not save, hold, or reserve any site (in any way)
    for any reason.

Campsite Parking

  • Only one camping unit per campsite is permitted. All equipment, personal belongings and vehicles must be kept within the designated campsite. Boats and trailers are to be parked in designated areas, unless used as the primary camping unit.