Arranging a Shuttle


We know that you are excited about your trip and want to get on the river as soon as possible.  We offer two options to schedule your standard shuttle:

(1)  Arrangements can be made by calling us at 800-785-3358 to schedule a shuttle.

Once scheduled, check in at Scottys Hells Canyon Outdoor Supply (add a link to the Scottys web page) before going to the launch site. It’s a great meeting place for your group! You can ice up, fuel up (both diesel and unleaded), buy licenses, passes or just visit the store to pick up any last-minute items and souvenirs.

At Scottys, we will confirm all your information, process payment and inspect your vehicle to ensure that the shuttle runs smoothly.

  • You will need to leave a fuel deposit at this time
  • If your are traveling to heller bar you will need to purchase your discover pass before heading to the river: Click here:
  • If you are tipping the driver, please let them know by placing an envelope either with the office staff or in the vehicle clearly marked as tip. Otherwise, drivers will not touch it.
  • If you would like to leave a cooler in the vehicle for the driver to put ice and beverages in, please discuss with office staff before you head to the launch. We will be more than happy to give you this option at the take out.

All that’s left is for you to park your vehicle, leave the key in the agreed upon spot and enjoy your trip!

Hells Canyon Shuttle LLC is only as good as the drivers we contract. We contract drivers who are mature folk, usually retired from their life’s work. We all travel together during the shuttle with a lead driver and our chase van behind.  ALL drivers follow the lead. Drivers cannot pass, smoke, have any beverages, food, or baggage in your vehicle. When fueling, drivers will get two receipts; one for the customer and one for the office staff. All change is left in the envelope in the vehicle. Drivers carry only a driver’s license and will not disturb any belongings in the vehicle. Please note, a driver may move something if it distracts them from their driving, such as moving objects on the dash, seat, or floor board. Drivers may cover up items with anything available in your vehicle to limit visibility at any destination.