Pittsburg Landing

The drive to Pittsburg landing is paved most of the way until you start a few miles past the White Bird bridge.  The road is gravel, but the White Bird road district keeps the road in great condition.  They do put a treatment on the road, a dust abatement, that keeps most of the dust down. ….More info

When they put this abatement on the road, they have flaggers that stop you and then you follow a pilot car. Sometimes this does get on the outside of the vehicle.  We will let you know when they do this.  It is a steep climb out of the landing. Make sure to watch for traffic all the way to the bridge.  Many jet boats/floaters use this road for access.  The road is narrow, but two cars may pass each other without much difficulty.  If you have a standard, no problem, you have the gears so over use of brakes is not an issue.  Automatics, such as vans with trailers, suburban’s with trailers must go slowly.  Do not put your vehicle in low gears, let the vehicles transmission do all the automatic shifting.  When you reach the summit, AS YOU START DOWNHILL, put your vehicle in low range, and try not to use your brakes.  Tight corners make meeting a vehicle tricky, as you don’t have much warning.  Our drivers know the road, and most of the people along that section.  Have a safe trip and let us know if you need more information.