Welcome to the Hell’s Canyon Shuttle Service’s mobile friendly website.

Hell’s Canyon Shuttle, Inc. is a family owned business and has been providing the rafting community of Hell’s Canyon dependable shuttle service for over 25 years.  We
provide shuttles from  Hell’s Canyon Dam to Pittsburg Landing, Heller Bar or Dug Bar.

If you’re planning a rafting trip down the scenic Snake River and are in need of a shuttle please call or email us and we will be happy to assist you in making your shuttle arrangements.

We at Hells Canyon Shuttle want you to know that our drivers are mature folk, usually retired from their life’s work. This is a supplemental income, and they do their best for our company as in today’s economy, we could all use an extra dollar.  We all travel together during the shuttle and have a lead driver with our chase van behind shuttle cars. ALL drivers follow the lead. They cannot pass, smoke, have any beverages, food, or baggage in your vehicle.

When fueling, they get two receipts, one for you and one for the office staff. All change is left in the envelope. They carry only their drivers license and try not to disturb your belongings in the vehicle. Please note, they may move something if it distracts them from their driving, as in moving objects on the dash, seat, or floor board. They may cover items up with anything available in your vehicle to limit visibility at any destination. If you would care to leave them a note to dispose of any items for you, please let them know.

Scotty’s has diesel and unleaded fuel.

  • If you are tipping the driver, please let them know the money is theirs, as they will not take any unless noted.
  • Hells Canyon Shuttle is only as good as our drivers make us.
  • Please contact Scott, Pete, Jen, or Diana at the office for any problems that arise.

Have a great trip, and thank you for the business.